About Me!

New Beginnings

It is now 2014 and I would like to update you about myself and my life! My name has recently changed from Saige Wright to Saige Denney! I am now a “degree-holding” Nutritionist and health enthusiast. I am married to a wonderful husband and am expecting our first little girl in August. My goals for this blog have not changed much, I am still very avid on writing about topics of health and fitness that I find interesting and think would be important and beneficial for my readers to learn! Now, I can also include a new topic of big interest to me and many other women as well, pre and post pregnancy nutrition. I am excited to introduce these future posts because I have been, and will continue to go, through the ups and downs of maintaining my health and fitness goals while caring for a child.

I hope to keep readers interested while providing them with solid information and ideas to incorporate into daily life to improve health and physical fitness! Continuously fuel your mind and body!




2011 Nebraska Softball


Just to tell you a little more about myself and why exactly I started this blog….

My name is Saige Wright, I am twenty-two years old, and finishing up a major in Nutrition/Dietetics. I am very interested in all things regarding health and fitness. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is crucial to living a long happy life. With today’s society there are many miscommunications about what the image of health is and how one is supposed to reach that status. With my blogs, I am going to be discussing a variety of different issues and topics that I have found to be interesting enough to research and write about. Any ideas or suggestions on topics will be greatly appreciated for further research. This is not only something interesting to read about but is also a huge learning experience for me!!


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