It’s Been a While!!

Office on the go!

Okay, everyone! I have been pretty much nonexistent for a good long while! I have recently graduated with a degree in Nutrition and Hospitality Management and in the process of becoming a certified personal trainer through ACSM! Other news is I am a new wife to a wonderful husband and a soon-to-be (really soon-to-be) NEW MOM! I am going into my 8th month of pregnancy and we are extremely excited! We will be having a precious little girl, Marley Katherine, due August 30th.

I am in the process of starting this blog up again and hopefully being able to maintain a constant posting schedule. I am one to be very easily distracted and keep pretty busy so bear with me as I try to stay focused. I love researching and learning new things on health and fitness and love sharing it with everyone. If I am not constantly learning or doing something to improve myself, body and mind, I feel like I am wasting my days. You only get one life and every day really does count for me.

Anyway! Here is to the new beginning of this site, I am still tweaking the page and adding gadgets and links but am going to enjoy getting back in it! Stay tuned for more!