Meal Prep: Kicking Myself into Gear

Meal Prepping! Finally, I am getting myself together and into somewhat of a schedule. I am not by any means the most organized or the DSC_0695most prepared individual but I do get an “A” for effort, or is that “E” for effort? I’m not sure but I try hard at keeping myself on a schedule, and making time to stay healthy!

My little Miss Marley is almost 2 months old now and she absolutely loves being outside. I am so glad it has been so nice outside lately, with our wonderful Fall weather! Our walking has progressed to a good paced jog, still only at a mile but have continued to work in our leg and Ab workouts during and after. I, luckily, got a good 7 hour stretch of sleep last night so I am feeling energized today! I have DSC_0696accomplished a lot!

Tonight I prepped my protein, which is usually the hardest thing for me to get right during the week. Budget is a big deal for me, so no fancy meals here. I have baked my chicken with LOADS of spices and topped with some olive oil and parmesan cheese. (SO GOOD!) Cooking my chicken in advance saves me a lot of time and assures that I don’t stray and get too terribly off track with my nutrition. Sides are always easy for me, I find ways to prepare foods that fit to my schedule while taking care of a little one who doesn’t really follow a schedule. Green beans, corn, salad greens, all easy makes especially bought in a steam pack from Sams. Sweet potato fries can also be purchased frozen at Sams and I absolutely love those! So, healthy sides are quick and easy for me to prepare! Fruit, yogurt, and cheese are all good easy snack options and I tend to use those a lot as well. Tomorrow I will be preparing my Homemade granola oat bars! They are delicious and a good option for when I have a craving for something sweet but don’t want to stray from my healthy eating. (Usually people would use the word “diet” in that space but I HATE that word and don’t tend to use it! Might post more on that in another blog)

Anyway, I am on the right track! DSC_0699

1 mile jog

Lunges 3×10

Squats 3×10

Ab exercises along with hip flexors and back work to end my session

Stretch to cool down. Slowly but surely getting back in shape as I get the hang of this mommy thing. 😋

I welcome any questions, comments, or blog ideas!! This is more about my personal struggle than informative nutrition!

Thanks for reading 🙂



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6 Week Mark: Post Pregnancy

Today I finally hit the 6 week mark “post-baby!” Well, technically yesterday was the day but I had my routine check up today. I have been cleared and everything is good! Exercising has been an on and off routine for the past two weeks (besides the usual walks). Since it was unknown to me whether I was healed completely or not I just based the intensity of my workouts on how my body felt. I did not push too hard, and slacked up once the “uncomfortable,” tight, feeling started to occur. Some of the simple things I have been doing are:

Squats (3×10)

Basic ab crunches (3×25)

reverse ab crunches (3×25)

bicep curls (3×10)

tricep press (3×10)

bent over rows (3×10) I also call these lawnmowers =)

front, side, bent over arm raises (all 3×5)

I also ran/walk 3x per week and participate in yoga. All these from home, yoga with a video I purchased and my walks included my sweet baby.

I have found that lunges were too hard on the lower region and did not want to push it too far and hurt myself, as well as other ab/leg exercises such as leg lifts, bicycles, push-ups etc. etc. Again, I based these workouts solely on how each exercise made me feel. If I felt like it was too much than I back off. The arm exercises I filled gatorade bottles (large and small) with rocks/sand until I can purchase actual weights. But, these methods work just as well! 🙂

Other problems I have encountered is the crazy, hectic, schedule that I am struggling trying to adjust to. Marley (the little one) never misses a meal! She wakes herself up from naps promptly ever 2-3 hours to eat. This meaning I am having to stop what I am doing to sit with her and feed. On top of the daily house duties, studying, pumping, and other miscellaneous activities that arise, it has been hard finding time to cook, and prepare good nutritious meals. (Or even eat AT ALL!)

Since, I am getting in the hang of this new routine, I am going to attempt to do better with meal prep (probably beginning with a lot of CHICKEN, as it is super easy to prep!!) =P, and exercise scheduling! Now that I am cleared for all activities I am excited to continue getting back to pre pregnancy and better!




To end this post here is your daily fill of Miss Marley! #Marleygram