Meal Prep: Kicking Myself into Gear

Meal Prepping! Finally, I am getting myself together and into somewhat of a schedule. I am not by any means the most organized or the DSC_0695most prepared individual but I do get an “A” for effort, or is that “E” for effort? I’m not sure but I try hard at keeping myself on a schedule, and making time to stay healthy!

My little Miss Marley is almost 2 months old now and she absolutely loves being outside. I am so glad it has been so nice outside lately, with our wonderful Fall weather! Our walking has progressed to a good paced jog, still only at a mile but have continued to work in our leg and Ab workouts during and after. I, luckily, got a good 7 hour stretch of sleep last night so I am feeling energized today! I have DSC_0696accomplished a lot!

Tonight I prepped my protein, which is usually the hardest thing for me to get right during the week. Budget is a big deal for me, so no fancy meals here. I have baked my chicken with LOADS of spices and topped with some olive oil and parmesan cheese. (SO GOOD!) Cooking my chicken in advance saves me a lot of time and assures that I don’t stray and get too terribly off track with my nutrition. Sides are always easy for me, I find ways to prepare foods that fit to my schedule while taking care of a little one who doesn’t really follow a schedule. Green beans, corn, salad greens, all easy makes especially bought in a steam pack from Sams. Sweet potato fries can also be purchased frozen at Sams and I absolutely love those! So, healthy sides are quick and easy for me to prepare! Fruit, yogurt, and cheese are all good easy snack options and I tend to use those a lot as well. Tomorrow I will be preparing my Homemade granola oat bars! They are delicious and a good option for when I have a craving for something sweet but don’t want to stray from my healthy eating. (Usually people would use the word “diet” in that space but I HATE that word and don’t tend to use it! Might post more on that in another blog)

Anyway, I am on the right track! DSC_0699

1 mile jog

Lunges 3×10

Squats 3×10

Ab exercises along with hip flexors and back work to end my session

Stretch to cool down. Slowly but surely getting back in shape as I get the hang of this mommy thing. 😋

I welcome any questions, comments, or blog ideas!! This is more about my personal struggle than informative nutrition!

Thanks for reading 🙂


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