6 Week Mark: Post Pregnancy

Today I finally hit the 6 week mark “post-baby!” Well, technically yesterday was the day but I had my routine check up today. I have been cleared and everything is good! Exercising has been an on and off routine for the past two weeks (besides the usual walks). Since it was unknown to me whether I was healed completely or not I just based the intensity of my workouts on how my body felt. I did not push too hard, and slacked up once the “uncomfortable,” tight, feeling started to occur. Some of the simple things I have been doing are:

Squats (3×10)

Basic ab crunches (3×25)

reverse ab crunches (3×25)

bicep curls (3×10)

tricep press (3×10)

bent over rows (3×10) I also call these lawnmowers =)

front, side, bent over arm raises (all 3×5)

I also ran/walk 3x per week and participate in yoga. All these from home, yoga with a video I purchased and my walks included my sweet baby.

I have found that lunges were too hard on the lower region and did not want to push it too far and hurt myself, as well as other ab/leg exercises such as leg lifts, bicycles, push-ups etc. etc. Again, I based these workouts solely on how each exercise made me feel. If I felt like it was too much than I back off. The arm exercises I filled gatorade bottles (large and small) with rocks/sand until I can purchase actual weights. But, these methods work just as well! 🙂

Other problems I have encountered is the crazy, hectic, schedule that I am struggling trying to adjust to. Marley (the little one) never misses a meal! She wakes herself up from naps promptly ever 2-3 hours to eat. This meaning I am having to stop what I am doing to sit with her and feed. On top of the daily house duties, studying, pumping, and other miscellaneous activities that arise, it has been hard finding time to cook, and prepare good nutritious meals. (Or even eat AT ALL!)

Since, I am getting in the hang of this new routine, I am going to attempt to do better with meal prep (probably beginning with a lot of CHICKEN, as it is super easy to prep!!) =P, and exercise scheduling! Now that I am cleared for all activities I am excited to continue getting back to pre pregnancy and better!




To end this post here is your daily fill of Miss Marley! #Marleygram





Exercising and Pregnancy: My Personal Experience

Calming Pregnancy YogaPregnancy? Exercise?? Yes, I know. Those are two words some people really don’t want to put together! Some women think that a plus about being pregnant is that they don’t have to worry about what they weigh, how skinny they look in the mirror, or about prepping their summer beach bods. BUT… Exercising during pregnancy , like any other time, is very important to you and your baby’s health.

Exercise and Pregnancy

ACOG Guidelines

Moderate Intensity exercise such as brisk walking, lightweight strength training, and swimming are all forms of fitness workouts that can be adopted by pregnant women who have no known complications or high risks. In the Guidelines of the American College of obstetrician and Gynecologists posted, it states benefits and recommendations such as exercise being a possible prevention and management method of gestational diabetes. ACOG explains that pregnant women should try to partake in 30 minutes of moderate exercise most or all days of the week just like any other person

NOW… In my personal experience with pregnancy and maintaining exercise habits, some normal pregnancy obstacles/symptoms were definitely a factor in my inability to do ANYTHING! Having previously been very active and health conscious, there were many things out of my control when it came to staying fit and getting those “30 minutes a day moderate exercise in!” Here is a breakdown by trimester…

1st trimester:

The first month into my first trimester I had not yet felt any changes, my exercise routine of running every other day, weight lifting (arms, legs, abs), yoga, and any extra curricular activity such as slow pitch softball, frisbee, or rough housing “what-have-you”, all stayed the same…Then it hit, sleeplessness due to late night heaving sessions every night, sickness all day, work, and bedtime at 6:30…REPEAT! I found it impossible to lift my fingers to type much less go for a jog. My exercising ceased for the last two months of my 1st trimester until the wonderful and energy filled second trimester came around.Summer Days

2nd trimester:


Oh, how I loved my life again! I finally had my energy back along with the cessation of those long nights of heaving. I was happy again! I started my exercise back up, but a little different. My body had already started to change and so jogging became somewhat uncomfortable and caused an awkward tightness in my stomach. I altered my cardio to brisk walking with occasional short bursts of running and cut down strength training from full body to just maintaining my arms. I found it easy to keep up the recommended 30 minutes a day (although being human, I slacked sometimes). Yoga was also very easy to get back into with my energy level back up.


RunKeeper App

3rd trimester:

I am now in the final month of my third trimester (woohoo)! I am very excited to bring my little lady into this world! My energy level is not at its peak but I am keeping up with walking, although the distance has shortened. The tight feeling is stronger now that she is growing so much, so I only do what I feel comfortable doing with my walks. I have found that swimming (especially since we are in the dead heat of summer) is extremely enjoyable! It takes all the weight off and allows me to continue for a longer period of time!

A very important fact is to make sure your energy intake is keeping up with your energy output from your exercising. This is not a time for weight loss, just maintenance of health! To keep up with my exercise I use the RunKeeper app that is absolutely amazing! I set a goal of 40 miles at the beginning of my pregnancy (before the onset of “morning/night sickness) to be completed by the end of my pregnancy! I am pumped to say I have completed over half so far!

Like always….Questions and Comments are MORE than welcome! Thanks!

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